One plus eleven

One Plus Eleven is a Berlin based Design Studio that creates limited edition furniture pieces with the main focus of the fusion of design and raw art. Their works show the search for the essence, where design is more than just decoration, is at the centre of their works.  Objects by Wim Yanov and Milena Bellich are fascinating as artefacts and move not only our imagination but also our individual sensibilities: here design becomes art. The instincts that a object can address the awareness of one’s own impermanence, the belief in truth, or the yearning for ideals  are of far greater importance than the questions as to proportions, materials or function. Their creations don’t aim to follow a specific trend but to be the reflection of a genuine essence. The conflation of art and design in an object should give every beholder the opportunity to draw his own inspiration from it. Each piece represents a visual metaphor where forms interact and play together to compose a whole. The duo has been working together for about fifteen years bonded by diligence and challenged by their distinct personalities. They are in constant search to find the essence in the complex that drives them, taking an initial concept and working it into an object starting with an idea and resulting in neither a product nor pure artistic expression but a culmination of the both. A product where art+object.