ONE PLUS ELEVEN is a project, which creates limited and exclusive editions of conceptual furniture pieces inspired by the object art.

The pieces are being evolved with the idea of combining art and furniture into one object. It is a perfectionist precision work, which closes the circle of conceptual design and craftsmanship. Thereby new technologies can be used to increase the aesthetical value of furniture. The high claims on material and processing guarantee a lifetime beyond fashion. Architecture, art, and graphics are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The multidimensional character will allow to give our interior objects multiple other lives. Behind ONE PLUS ELEVEN are the architect Wim Yanov and the designer Milena Bellich, who worked in the interior design branch for many years. They always believed in setting a new milestone in the design branch with concept furniture, which makes the design line so peerlessly and independent.

Uniqueness and differentiation

To turn furnishings into pieces of art, it is necessary to obtain the ability such as the willingness to grant an independent existence to these objects. Our designs are somewhere between furniture with function and art objects. Sometimes, they will be pieces of art you can sit on, eat on or where you can store your belongings. They will be always unique objects. The evolution from an original idea, through detailed design and final production results in completing the prototype, which can be seen as a pre-series. As the Name reveals ONE stands for the prototype as the pre-series of the collection and ELEVEN for the following eleven pieces.